Managed Cloud Infrastructure. DevOps library ready to be deployed.

We can create and managed infrastructure, bare metal or cloud. We are also developing a cloud infrastructure library to easily deploy a complete web hosting platform, Serverless and big data.

Agile Frameworks

Leverage agile frameworks to provide robust and flexible solutions.

High availability

If you are an online business your web site needs to be always online. We can acheive high availability of several nines at a very low cost.


We can help you to design an architecture to scale depending on your users and temporary peaks.


Wheather you have Serverless or servers we can monitor it width CloudWatch and Prometheus. We can create dashboards with Grafana.

Why work with us?

We put passion and pride in what we do. We use best practices and ethics. We give you a custom solution to help with your business needs, wheater you have a simple web site or a complex infrastructure.


Configuration Management with Chef, Ansible and Nix/NixOps. Infrastructure as code with Terraform. Immutable infrastructure with NixOs and Docker. Orchestration with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. CI/CD with Jenkins, CircleCI or Travis CI. We support Linux, CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian and NixOS. Databases with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Key/value store with Redis and Memcache. Messaging with Kafka, RabbitMQ and Kinesis. Cloud infrastructure with AWS, Linode, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean. Monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana and Logging with ELK and CloudWatch.

Custom service

We are not just providing web hosting, we provide infrastructure designed using SRE principles, DevOps moethodologies with security in mind.


Everything is deployed using CI/CD and infrastructure as code.

Our best projects

Our expertise range from web sites, IoT, serverless and big data.

project image

Migration of a data pipeline from Kafka to an AWS serverless big-data solution using Lambda SNS/SQS, Kinesis, ECS Fargate and S3.


Contributed to AT&T IoT platform.

Workday Inc.

Worked in the Operations Engineering managing 27000 servers over several datacenters.

Hive UK

Managed and improved the Hive IoT platform used by British Gas's Gas smart meters.


Developed and supported infrastructure for enterprise customers like ATOC, Vodafone, Center Parcs and WH Smith.


Implemented a CI/CD system on AWS with a Ruby on Rails control panel.

project image

DevOps library

We are developing an infrastructure as code library which will provide a ready made solution to deploy a Serverless web application. We have plan to develop an AWS big-data Serverless solution. After that we will provide ECS and Kubernetes deployments. Get it touch if you are interested. Prices will be competitive.

Custom infrastructure

We can provide custom infrastructure for startups and enterprise environments.

Contact us

Please, contact us and ask for more details regarding our services.